A Diary of ongoing work at Sallerton Wood

Autumn 2015

A new work-horse for the woodland.


The compost loo gets a roof. Larch roofing battens and cedar shingles.

The roof complete.

Summer 2015

Spoon-making at Sallerton Wood.

A wet day working in the woods.

The compost loo gets roof timbers.

Cladding the compost loo with sawn Ash.

A recently-found source of clay in the Wood. Suitable for making a timber-drying kiln maybe?

The next stage for the compost loo - Larch timber frame completed and erected ready for cladding.

Prepared Hazel bars and Ash rails for a hurdle.

The completed hurdle in position to keep young Thomas away from the log-burner area at home.

Ash and Hazel poles for making a hurdle.

Shaping the ends of the bars with a rounder.

Ivy removed from useful Ash coppice trees.

Track-grading near the entrance.

The completed well.

Spring-water on tap, piped to near the woodland workshop.

A spring; a useful source of naturally-filtered water.

Captured spring.

A new gate for the entrance, made at Sallerton Wood from timber extracted and processed there.

Spring 2015

Woodland shelter frame complete with its tarpaulin roof.

Cutting the surplus off the pegs.

Erecting the trusses.

The assembled frame.

Early stages of erection of the woodland shelter frame.

Checking levels.

Frame joint cutting.

Frame peg making with a draw-knife and shaving-horse.

Prepared timber for a woodland shelter frame.

Preparing timber for a timber frame with the chainsaw mill.

Moving materials the hard way.

This will make life easier!

Coppiced timber stacked to dry.

Newly-planted native broadleaved tree saplings.

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