A pictorial Diary of ongoing work at Sallerton Wood

Spring 2018

Laying shakes on the utility shelter roof. The shakes have been cleaved from Sallerton Wood Sweet Chestnut.

Battens fixed to the rafters ready for laying the shakes.

Rafters in position ready for fixing the battens. The rafters are made from Sallerton Wood Larch.

Ridge-board in postion and ready for the rafters.

Preparing and fitting the rafters.

Removing the tarpaulin and temporary rafters from the utility shelter ready for fitting a new roof.

Make a Shave Horse Course ~ 10 - 11 May 2018

A completed shave horse.

Making the components.

Working on a pole lathe.

Four completed shave horses.

Stool-making Course ~ 5 - 7 May 2018

Shaping the frame components.

Drilling the mortices.

Assembling a frame.

Weaving a seat.

Finishing a seat.

A completed stool.

Spring 2018

The Sallerton Wood stall at the Powderham Castle Garden Festival.

Items for sale at the Powderham Castle Garden Festival.

Setting up at the Powderham Castle Garden Festival.

Thomas checking the pole lathe.
Wooden cups (Kuksas) made from Sallerton Wood Sycamore ~ a recent order.

Shaping the exterior of a Kuksa with a clog cutter.

Turning the interior of the Kuksa on a lathe.

Planting a Small-leaved Lime sapling.

A chair seat made with twisted Chestnut bark fibres.

A new footbridge from the camping area to the washroom. Made in Sweet Chestnut cut from the woodland.

The bridge base in place.

Cross-members ready for fitting.

The bridge base completed.

Chiseling mortices in the cross-members.

Sawn Sweet Chestnut for bridge construction.

Turning the cross-ties.

Winter 2017/2018

A recent chair commission underway ~ Ash frame and Wild Cherry back.
A Journey Stick ~ telling a story of my walk in the woods and the natural things I found and liked.

Safe whittling with a potato peeler.

A den on the island with a Wood Garlic floor!

Snow in the woods!

A dusting of snow.

Creating a track for access to the far end of the wood.

Improved track for access to the top of the wood.

Michael with another new log stack in an area cleared for replanting.

Remains of a large Turkey Oak that fell.

A large Sycamore removed in an area for replanting.

Firewood preparation.

Clearing an area for replanting.

A resulting logstack under construction.

Track widening for quad-bike access.

Track widening for quad-bike access.

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