Woodland Craft and Green Woodwork Courses

Courses for 2018

Introduction to
Green Woodwork (1-day)

Make a Shave Horse


(6-day or 8-day)

The tutor for these green woodwork courses is Andy Morton.
The maximum number of tutees on each course will be 6.

Introduction to Green Woodwork Course

  • These one-day courses cover the properties of green wood, cleaving techniques and production of simple craft objects created from a greenwood log using traditional hand tools such as draw-knives and pole lathes.
  • Anything you make during the day will be yours to take home and may include items such as spoons, spatulas or a wooden mallet.
  • This course is most suited to anyone wishing to have a go at some green woodwork, with absolutely no previous knowledge or skills required.
  • This is a great taster day to whet your appetite for a longer course in the future or perfect for those with limited spare time.

The working environment...

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Make a Shave Horse

  • These two-day courses teach a wide range of green woodworking techniques whilst making your own traditional greenwood shaving horse using hardwood timber sourced within the woodland.
  • The topics covered include the properties of green wood, cleaving techniques and the use of traditional hand tools and equipment such as draw-knives and pole lathes.
  • A shave horse is a fundamental piece of kit needed by all green woodworkers and it will be yours to keep at the end of the course, and the course fee is less than the cost of buying one!

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Stool-making Course

  • These three-day greenwood stool making courses cover all the green woodworking skills and processes needed in order to construct your own sturdy stool from a green Ash log.
  • The first day will be spent cleaving out and making the components for your stool ready for drying overnight in the wood-fired kiln.
  • On day two you will make the legs and assemble your stool frame, and on the final day you will be taught how to apply the seating material in order to complete your stool. There will be several different seating material options to choose from.
  • This is an extremely satisfying process and achievable for all.

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Chair-making Course

  • These six-day greenwood chair making courses use similar techniques to the stool-making course, but the process requires more time and involves additional skills such as steam-bending certain components of the chair to give them the correct form.
  • There is a range of chair-back designs and seating materials available to suit all abilities and tastes.
  • Spending a week working in the woods, being so close to nature, using wood from the woods and hand tools to produce a beautifully unique piece of furniture is a deeply fulfilling experience.
  • On top of that, the sense of achievement gained from having made your own chair that will last for generations is something very special.

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Advanced Chair-making Course

  • These eight-day advanced chair making courses start concurrently with the 6-day chair making courses, using the same green woodworking techniques.
  • The additional 2 days allow more time for individual design and mastering more advanced techniques.
  • The more advanced options on this 8-day course include the construction of an arm chair or even a rocking chair if you push yourself.

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Course dates, prices, and more photos...

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Visiting the area with friends or family?

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Planning a 'Hen or Stag Do' in the South West?

Why not create your own one or two-day Intro' course at Sallerton Wood? Read More...

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Comments from participants at Sallerton Wood

I really enjoyed this course ..... I've done a good bit of green woodwork previously but it still had its challenges and I loved re-familiarising myself with the pole lathe in particular, proud of managing to create components for my shave horse in this way. Andy was very patient and allowed me to make my own design adjustments to add character to my horse. I look forward to using it regularly in the future! [Make a Shave Horse Course - October 2017]

Lacking confidence and experience, I soon felt at home. I was able to ask questions and enjoyed the location, facilities, cups of tea and food. I gained confidence, enjoyed learning from Andy who is a patient and positive teacher. It is brilliant to be able to make things from scratch. Three techniques, and three useful tools made. Certainly a great introduction to working with green wood. [Introduction to Green Woodwork Course - September 2017]
Sue Pesterfield

I had an excellent day learning basic green woodworking skills in the woods, the course certainly lived up to expectations. Andy is a great teacher and gave me the confidence to perhaps continue working with green wood in the future. Learning about the old methods of construction was really interesting. I would recommend this course to anyone. [Introduction to Green Woodwork Course - September 2017]
Andrew Bedford

Green woodworking is addictive! This is now the third course I have attended at Sallerton Wood and I will certainly return to make another chair. I was gratified to realise that I could safely be more independent in producing good quality components for my chair, whilst getting expert assistance whenever necessary. Andy managed the expectations of us students well; allowing whatever freedom was possible to adapt a core design to suit the purposes we had in mind... but he will undoubtedly be glad when from next year he can offer a 2 day extension to the course if tutees plan chairs with either arms or rockers! The weather was dreadful but the experience totally positive and the chairs AMAZING. Thank you Andy. [Chair-making Course - September 2017]
Gerti Morton

I can't speak highly enough of Andy's six day chair making course. I had an absolutely fabulous time. Andy is an expert in his field and can tailor his tuition so that ALL skill levels (I happen to have a degree in furniture design) really have a sense of achievement and fun at the end of the six days. Together with Jane and the rest of our class I was made to feel relaxed like being home from home. It's a true testament to Andy's well thought out teaching that despite it raining most of the week we hardly noticed. All tools, which Andy keeps honed to be really sharp, and materials are provided to ensure that you will finish up with a heirloom piece of furniture to be proud of. If you're not sure, just jump in with both feet you'll have the time of your life! Thank you Andy and Jane look forward to seeing you again! [Chair-making Course - September 2017]
Keith Kirby

Sallerton Wood is a fabulous place to immerse yourself in green woodwork for a few days, and this course is a great introduction to the tools and techniques it involves. Andy is a very patient and encouraging teacher and in a short space of time I learned a huge amount. I have come away with a wonderful piece of furniture that has taken pride of place in my living room. Thanks so much to Andy and Jane for your kind hospitality - I hope to return soon to take on the challenge of making a chair! [Stool-making Course - August 2017]
Emily Sheath

Under Andy's gentle and patient tuition I've produced a stool to be proud of. The woodland setting is beautiful and relaxing and the hospitality provided by Andy and Jane was great. Overall it was a lovely introduction to green woodworking and I'm looking forward to attending more courses in the future! [Stool-making Course - August 2017]
Hannah M

I look at my stool and think, 'Did I really make this?' My previous experience, using downsized tools, was limited to vegetable peeling and cutting. My stool doesn't wobble; my stool isn't skewed; my stool looks grand. I did it! What a great tutor - so gentle with his words; so encouraging; so patient. Many thanks, Andy and Jane, for sharing the beautiful Sallerton Wood and for your warm hospitality. Now ... what shall I make next? [Stool-making Course - August 2017]
Margaret Moores

A fantastic 3 days spent in Sallerton wood with family and friends. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, and experience. A massive thank you to both Andy for his clear and patient tuition, and to Jane for helping the course run smoothly and providing us with fantastic food and refreshments. Thrilled with the stool I produced and will definitely be returning for another course. [Stool-making Course - August 2017]
Anna Gwillim

Having very limited green woodworking experience, I was hoping the course would enhance my non-existing skills and knowledge. It certainly did that. The weather was dreadful but the basic facilities to keep us dry worked a treat. Andy has excellent teaching skills and a lot of patience. This was a day out to remember. I am very likely to return. [Introduction to Green Woodwork - July 2017]
Magnus Pahlsson

This is a thoroughly well thought out course which catered for the differing abilities of six people. In a timelessly peaceful setting, you are immediately drawn in to an ancient way of working. Under Andy's expert guidance we were each enabled to complete a chair with individual, distinctive variations in style. The ambiance created by Andy and Jane over six days was brilliant- food and discussions around the kitchen table allowed relaxation from what was for me a challenging yet inspiring course. I am so proud of my chair- many admiring comments from neighbours on my return home!! [Chair-making Course - June 2017]
Judy Lambley

I went on this course, thinking I would probably be no good at it. But after a beautiful day in a fantastic woodland and with Andy's excellent tuition and patience (and cups of tea) I came away with a mallet, a spatula and a rolling pin. I had a really great day and learned a lot about the different types of trees, etc. Andy's knowledge of the different types of tree and his woodworking skills are amazing, very well done. Seriously thinking about another course - maybe to make a stool. Would definitely recommend this course as an introduction to green woodworking. [Introduction to Green Woodwork Course - July 2017]
Jane Rogers

Absolutely brilliant 6 days in a fabulous woodland setting! Would highly recommend this course. Andy is an excellent tutor and I'm delighted with my chair. [Chair-making Course - June 2017]
Lesley Strong

A thoroughly enjoyable experience - I learnt a lot from a very patient tutor Andy and also from Jane - particularly in respect of finishing a seat in a hurry on day six! The setting in Sallerton Wood is spectacular. I am very pleased with my (now finished) chair. In all - some forty plus hours of tuition produced a great result and was a most memorable experience. The lunches and other refreshments were excellent! [Chair-making Course - June 2017]
Adrian Hicks

We had such an enjoyable week - so lovely to be working in the shade of the beautiful trees that had provided our materials. It was great to be working with old friends, and making new ones, all of us providing help and support to each other. Andy is such a good, and patient teacher, who gives you such confidence that you find yourself achieving things that you had never thought possible. We came away from the course not only with a chair, but with a whole new set of skills, and inspirations. The pizza was pretty good too! Many thanks to Jane for keeping the kettle boiling, providing the lovely lunches, and helping with the sighting and weaving on the chairs. [Chair-making Course - June 2017]
Avril Back & Brian Clifton

It was great. Beautiful venue, friendly, relaxed and we managed to create something incredible! [Stool-making Course - May 2017]
Heather Sandland

Andy and Jane have provided a wonderful environment and have created excellent facilities for participants in their woodland craft courses at Sallerton Wood. Highly recommended!
Alan Morton

An excellent set up which is continuously evolving to create an amazing learning and working space. Well done guys!
Katy Kelly

A wonderful place! You can see how much hard work and dedication has gone into it, and I am always excited to hear about new developments and projects!
Helen McBride

I attended the Chair-making Course in September 2016 and have never been so proud of anything I have made as I am of my chair! It was concentrated physical work but was immensely satisfying. The woodland setting and the use of materials sourced on-site made the whole experience totally wonderful. I shall return!
Greteli Morton

We took the Kelly Mill Cottage guests across the road to Sallerton Wood this morning, where Andy is currently working on a commission of chairs. It was fascinating to see the process!
Kelly Mill

Thanks Jane we had a really good time, and the stools have been much admired. [Stool-making Course - August 2016]
Avril Back

Really fun day learning new skills - very well looked after by Andy, Jane, Thomas and Simon. Think we better have stir fry for dinner to make use of all the spatulas!! Highly recommend it as a day out. [Introduction to Green Woodwork - July 2016]
Helen Morris

Had a great day down in Sallerton. Andy, Simon and Jane gave us some excellent instruction & lovely coffee, all under Thomas' careful supervision. Even the three teenage girls managed to enjoy themselves. We all managed to make some good tools. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, even if they have never done anything like it before. [Introduction to Green Woodwork - July 2016]
Paul Counter


Under Andy's gentle and patient tuition I've produced a stool to be proud of. The woodland setting is beautiful and relaxing and the hospitality provided by Andy and Jane was great. Overall it was a lovely introduction to green woodworking and I'm looking forward to attending more courses in the future!
[Stool-making Course - August 2017]
Hannah M
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The Venue

  • Sallerton Wood is 10 acres of beautiful mixed deciduous woodland situated south-east of Launceston, close to the River Tamar on the Devon/Cornwall border. The woodland has a variety of habitats including a stream.
  • All courses take place within the heart of the woodland itself.
  • There is a large workshop shelter, utility shelter for cooking and tea-making, and a compost toilet. A spring provides water for cooking and washing, and drinking water for cold drinks is also be provided.
  • The Location page of this website gives a map, postcode, and travel directions. It is easily accessed from the A30. Parking is available just inside the woodland entrance.
  • If you'd like to see more photos of Sallerton Wood and the activities there, please visit the Diary page of this website
A selection of photos...

What do I need to bring?

All tools and materials required for your course are provided. Each participant will be allocated their own set of tools at the beginning of the course to use for the duration. However, if you wish to bring along any of your own tools or materials you are very welcome to do so. Sallerton wood is extremely well stocked with straight grown Ash, perfect for green woodwork projects. Sturdy footwear will be necessary, ideally work or walking boots offering toe and ankle protection. A couple of pencils, a notebook and a tape measure, if you have one, will be useful.


Hot drinks and biscuits and/or cake are provided, as are ingredients for sandwiches for making your lunch and fresh fruit. Breakfasts and evening meals are not provided, however participants are welcome to use the woodland rocket stoves, wood fuel, pans and utensils to cook their own supper and breakfast if desired. There are shops and several pubs offering food in the area a short drive away.

The working day

Introduction to Green Woodwork courses and Make a Shave Horse courses run from 10am-5pm each day. The Stool-making and Chair-making courses commence from 9am, apart from on the day of arrival when tuition will begin at 10am.


Basic wild camping is offered within Sallerton Wood. Facilities provided are a site within the woodland to pitch a small tent, a compost toilet, piped spring water for washing and cooking, and drinking water. There is a kitchen shelter with solar lighting, dining table, clay oven and rocket stoves for brewing up and preparing meals. The charge for camping is £5 per person per night payable at the end of the course.

For those who do not wish to camp, or require more than basic wild camping facilities, there are many local accommodation options, some of which are listed in a table when you click the button below.

Accommodation list...

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Prices and Availability of courses

Scheduled courses are listed in the table below, along with a Booking form button for making an individual or group booking.
Print this Courses Table

Start Date Length Course Title Available
The maximum number of participants on a course is 6. Yes indicates that there are 2 or more places still available. 1 indicates that there is only 1 place remaining available.
The full course fees are listed in this table. The fees include the cost of all materials. Some discounts are available and are listed in a separate table below.
Sun. 30th July 2017 1 day Introduction to Green Woodwork - - Photos...
Sat. 5th August 2017 3 days Stool-making - - Photos...
Sat. 9th September 2017 6 days Chair-making - - Photos...
Mon. 18th September 2017 1 day Introduction to Green Woodwork - - -
Sat. 28th October 2017 2 days Make a Shave Horse - - Photos...
Sat. 5th May 2018 3 days Stool-making Yes £220 Booking form...
Thur. 10th May 2018 2 days Make a Shave Horse FULL £150 -
Sat. 26th May 2018 6 days Chair-making Yes £410 Booking form...
Sat. 26th May 2018 8 days Advanced Chair-making Yes £550 Booking form...
Sun. 17th June 2018 1 day Introduction to Green Woodwork Yes £70 Booking form...
Sat. 30th June 2018 6 days Chair-making Yes £410 Booking form...
Sat. 30th June 2018 8 days Advanced Chair-making Yes £550 Booking form...
Mon. 9th July 2018 3 days Stool-making Yes £220 Booking form...
Sat. 14th July 2018 2 days Make a Shave Horse Yes £150 Booking form...
Sat. 25th August 2018 3 days Stool-making Yes £220 Booking form...
Sat. 1st September 2018 6 days Chair-making Yes £410 Booking form...
Sat. 1st September 2018 8 days Advanced Chair-making Yes £550 Booking form...

If you encounter any problems with booking via the online Booking Form, please get in Contact with us by one of the options given at the bottom of this page.

Course Fees

Please see the Prices and Availability table above for prices. We ask that payment is made promptly and within two weeks of receiving confirmation of availability, so as not to deny other interested participants. Full course fees are returnable should the course not run for any reason.

Discounts offered:
Discount typeDiscountDescriptionCode
Multiple Booking15%Bookings made for 2 or more people at the same timeMB15
Return Booking15%Bookings made for people returning for subsequent courses within 2 years of their first courseRB15
Please quote the Discount Code when booking.
Only one Discount Code can be used per booking.

If you would like to gift someone a course, that's fine. Just check they are available for the dates before booking on their behalf.
Alternatively, you can buy them a Course Gift Voucher for part or full cost of a course to be redeemed at a convenient time in the future. There is a PayPal button for purchasing a voucher below, or for alternative ways of purchasing, please get in Contact. Following payment, a printed Course Gift Voucher will be sent to you in the post.

Booking and Payment Procedure:

  1. Book your Course via the Prices and Availability table. A provisional booking will be placed and confirmation sent to you.
  2. After receiving confirmation of your booking, please make your payment by one of the methods listed below. After receiving payment, your booking will be fully reserved.
Please note that PayPal payments are administered for us by our team-member Alan Morton at DMAP.
On the PayPal payment page reached after clicking the PayPal button below, please enter the total amount due for a course or the required value of a voucher and click the Update or Continue button before proceeding to payment.
Pay for a Course
Purchase a Course Voucher

Further questions?

If you have any questions or comments about the courses, do feel free to get in Contact with us by one of the options given at the bottom of this page.

Contact details for Andy and Jane Morton:
Email: andy@sallertonwood.org.uk
Mobile: 07722 435 964 (daytime)     Landline: 01822 841 718 (evenings)
Address: 17 Chapel Street, Bere Alston, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 7DE

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